Rules and Regulations

The site for the project cannot be the primary residence or property of the entrant

Maximum two categories per project

Only members of Landscape Ontario are eligible to submit an entry into the Awards of Excellence program

Submissions must be kept anonymous for judging. Ensure that company names are not included on any submission materials except entry form

Project which do not meet all of the submission requirements will be disqualified

Entry Checklist

Your online entry experience will be a lot easier if you have the following information ready:

Which program are you entering? We have specific programs for: Design, Construction, Maintenance, Irrigation, Lighting, Interior Plantscaping and more!

Which categories? Within each program are a multitude of categories to choose from. Categories like water features, theme gardens, holiday lighting, non-turf maintenance and more. If you've got a project, we've got a category for it. 

Photography and Images: All submissions are judged via the digital images of your work that you submit. We recommend taking images before and during your project, and to book a photographer for when the work is complete. Up to 15 of your best images can be uploaded for each entry. (Images should be at original/highest resolution and file size and can not be be enhanced).

 Judge’s Criteria | Score Sheets: Get the inside scoop on what judges look for when determining if your project is worthy of an award (located under the criteria tab)

 Project Summary: This is a brief description that describes the goal and any challenges of each project, including any special or unique elements.

 Work Completed Chart: We need to know which elements are yours and which ones were completed by subcontractors or others outside your team.

 Authorization Forms: Both the client and member company must sign off on each entry.

 Ensure you are attributing each project to the correct category 

 Payment: $150 fee for each entry. Our secure online payment system accepts Visa, MasterCard or Amex.