Private Residential Maintenance: Single Family Homes.

Under 15,000 sq. ft. lot size

15,000 sq. ft.-1 acre

1 acre or more

Multi Residential Maintenance: Condominiums, senior citizen/nursing homes, townhouses, apartments.

Under 2 acres (excluding parking)

Over 2 acres (excluding parking)

Corporate Building Maintenance: Industrial Complexes, Public or Retail Buildings.

Under 2 acres (excluding parking)

Over 2 acres (excluding parking)

Special Interest Maintenance: Residential or Commercial: A focus on a specific maintenance area featuring annuals, topiary, espalier, etc.

Non-Turf Maintenance: Sites must feature maintenance on areas other than turf.

Green Stamp: The judges will also award ‘Green Stamps’ to projects that exemplify green practices, using quality construction, maintenance and design, in sustainable landscapes. Best practices such as use of permeable paving, native plantings, water conservation strategies, green roof technology, energy conservation strategies, etc. will be considered. Please include information on how you incorporated these practices in your project summary, and highlight your sustainability efforts in your photos. May include Carbon footprint, input for lighting and irrigation, proof of electric equipment usage, onsite composting.

Maintenance projects must have been maintained for a period of not less than two seasons. Only commercial entries may contain client ID.