The process begins with you 'Logging In' to our system. If you have been here before, then you are a 'Returning User'. If this is new to you, you're a 'New User'. Simply create a user name and password and you are ready to go!

PLEASE NOTE: You can log in and out of your entry and make corrections/additions/deletions as many times as you like until you have paid. Once payment is received your entry is considered final and you may not edit any information.



You will be prompted to 'Add a New Entry' after selecting the desired Program of entry. (Construction, Maintenance, etc.)

You will then be required to fill out your Company Information, including company name, contact name, phone number and e-mail.

Then you will select the Category you wish to enter, and other pertinent information, (Project Name, Client's Name, etc.)

You will also have to fill in a 'Project Summary'. This is a brief description of the project, in point form, to highlight specific issues, key features and any special or unusual site problems encountered. (Maximum of 5 points for each). Quirks/conditions imposed by the client may also be explained. This is your opportunity to explain why the project should be an award winner. Font no smaller than 12 point in an easy to read font. (No fewer than 50 words, no more than 300 words).



You will be prompted to upload your photos at this time. You must submit at least 8 pictures, but no more than 15.

Photos must be in .jpg format. Images should be at original (highest) resolution and file size. Allow sufficient time; large images take time to upload, but show your entry to best advantage and are more likely to earn publicity.

PLEASE NOTE: Company name, company logo and any reference to the client MUST be removed from photos and descriptions.

DO NOT EDIT/ENHANCE YOUR PHOTOS. The judges may disqualify a project if the images have been retouched.



Next you will be required to complete the 'Work Completed By Your Company' chart. (Not applicable for garden centre entries).You must select one option for each category of work.



After the steps mentioned above are completed, you will be prompted to print off an 'Authorization Signatures' form. You must complete this form and e-mail to or fax to 905.875.3942 before your entry will be considered complete. You can confirm receipt of the signatures page on the entry site. Please allow 72 hours for confirmation.



After this, you will be given the option to 'Add Another Entry', or if you are finished, proceed to the Payment Page to complete the online process.

There is a $150 fee for each entry. We accept Visa, Amex or MasterCard.

You may review or edit your entry at any time.