Judges will be using the following criteria: Overall design impact, execution of problem/solution employed, creativity/innovation, horticultural compatibility and correctness, aesthetic appeal, technical hardscaping aspects, elements and detailing, plant selection, organization and completeness. PDF or JPG of your designs are required for judging reference, as well as in the case that your project receives an award, we will use the photos of your designs to showcase your work.

Design entries will not be required to submit design boards. 

A copy of the landscape design will be required and will need to include the following elements to be judged:

Project name

Statement of design intent inlcuding: description of the nature or complexity of the site, conditions set out by the client, design theme selected and description of clisnts wish list

Project Description: Overall scope, start/completion dates, hardiness zone, exsisting site conditions, description of process, design, construction/installation, resolution of challanges

Explanation of special features

Specify existing work that was NOT part of the design

Environmental responsibility measures taken

Detailed plant list — proper nomenclature

Indicate north and include the city name for reference within the title block

Must include full set of working drawings to scale including construction details and grading plans

Drawings in colour are strongly encouraged

Before pictures may also be included and after photos if applicable — for reference only

Minimum of three progress pictures if project is installed

Designs should comply to building code and Canadian Landscape Standards

Projects that include your company name will not be eligible for judging

The site for the design cannot be the primary residenace or property of the entrant

Design only; does not have to be built.