July 15, 2017
John Schroeder, founder and CEO of the Valleybrook Group of companies, announced the sale of Valleybrook Gardens (Ont.), located in Niagara-on-the-Lake Ontario. The shares of the company were purchased by Brookdale Treeland Nurseries, a family-owned nursery corporation headquartered in Ontario. This transaction affects only the Ontario-based nursery, the original nursery in British Columbia continues to be owned and operated by the Schroeders.

Valleybrook owner John Schroeder commented, “When my wife Kelly and I started the Ontario nursery almost 30 years ago on a little plot of rented land in Vineland, we didn’t know what the future held. What we did know was that we would only be satisfied by producing the highest quality plant material, and that innovative marketing and branding was going to be a key to success.”

Schroeder further remarked, “In this day and age of brand proliferation, even in the nursery industry, it may be hard to remember how unusual plant branding was in the 1980’s. I’ll never forget the puzzled looks and comments other growers and retailers had about our trademarked blue pots and the Heritage Perennials name. I’m pleased that the industry has matured, and the value of a strong brand is well recognized today.”

Heritage Perennials, the blue pots, Jeepers Creepers, Colour Craze and Garden Gladiators are some of the plant brands which both the Abbotsford and Ontario nurseries produce under license from Valleybrook International Ventures, Inc. Valleybrook Gardens Ontario will continue to produce and sell these products under license to independent garden centres going forward.

When asked why he sold the nursery, Schroeder replied, “The nursery has an excellent reputation, an outstanding management team, a loyal workforce and customer base, and excellent performance on all levels. Knowing this combination made an attractive acquisition target, my goal was to find a buyer who understood the industry, valued our brands, and would keep the existing staff in place. I also wanted a buyer who would commit to maintaining the focus on high quality and service as the way to grow into the future. I believe we have succeeded with that.”