September 15, 2017
By Jacki Hart CLM
Prosperity Partners Program Manager

Jacki HartAt Congress 2017, a great group of Landscape Ontario Peer to Peer Network business owners put their heads together and decided to include a two-day, Peer to Peer Network business summit as a part of our Prosperity Partners program this year. The group asked for workshops on financial management and building leaders (profitability and people). Now is the time to register for this action-packed, affordable, Peer to Peer Network event being held in Bracebridge, Ont., Sept. 28-29. Here is what we will cover over the two days:

Day one workshop: Leadership is easier than you think

Leadership specialist Patti Hanrath, Principal at, is back by popular demand after appearing in our January workshop. Patti will work with us to focus on how to take both your leadership skills and your ‘right-fit’ team members to the next level.

This will be a day of insight and cool tools to identify your best opportunities for leadership improvement. We will look at “perspective” and how your thinking, and that of your team, affects everything in your business. We will dive deep into various elements of your business, giving you a broader understanding of your leadership effectiveness. You will leave with an outline for raising the bar.

Patti will also teach you how to unlock and open doors that would otherwise remain closed, through the power of asking great questions. The quality of a question determines the quality of the answer, and a great question is only as valuable as your ability to become a better listener.

Patti will help you to design a Personal Growth Plan that will enable you and your team to break through to new levels as leaders in your business. Throughout this jam-packed day, you will also map your leadership path and that of your team. You will be given the tools to take your leadership effectiveness to the next level.

We will end the afternoon workshop earlier than normal, so we can all go out and have some fun! There will be lots to activities to choose from to get out and enjoy Muskoka. Walk across the street and rent a kayak, canoe or SUP up the Muskoka River to the South Falls, rent a fat bike and hit the trails across the road or play a round of golf at Muskoka Highlands. Downtown Muskoka offers unique shopping and great bars. Details for signing up will follow your registration.

Day two workshop: Painlessly manage your profit and cashflow

Day two of the summit will feature my consulting colleague and financial analyst, Eric Daly, Managing Partner at Together, we will focus on what you should be measuring, when, and how to use metrics to increase profit, drive right-fit sales, and identify where you need to improve your team efficiencies.

You will learn some rules-of-thumb on how you should be performing in specific areas such as net profit ratios, gross profit at the cost of goods line, patterns of sales growth and considerations that drive deciding how best to pay yourself (the blend of salary, bonus, dividends).

Knowing that seasonal cash flow can be an issue for our members, Eric will introduce you to his 13-week cash flow model and you will leave the workshop understanding how you can build one for your company and update it every week. After this workshop, you will return to your office feeling more comfortable with a whole bunch of financial reports that may currently confuse you or be about as interesting as having root canal surgery.

Financial numbers and results come after all the real work you and your people have done in your business. Eric will help you to understand how to connect your efforts to your financial results.

Yes, making money can be fun!

Without a doubt, the two most common challenges I work on with my coaching clients are leadership and managing from financial reports. Don’t miss this great networking session, working elbow to elbow with your peers in break-out sessions that will allow you to improve your skills and share ideas, challenges and solutions.

If you’re an LO member business owner, and not yet a member of the Peer to Peer Network, email to join — it’s a free benefit.

Register today for the Muskoka Summit at Space is limited, as are hotel rooms in the conference hotel.
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